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New forensic entomology observations expand knowledge of decomposition ecology

Fans of and similar TV shows know that involves the use of insects and other arthropods in legal matters, including homicide cases. Entomologists who are properly trained can find clues about a corpse — for example, time of death and whether a body has been moved — by observing the insects on and around it.

Panorpa nuptialis
Panorpa nuptialis is feeding on scalp fluids from autopsy incisions.

Credit:Entomological Society of America


The full article, “Four Forensic Entomology Case Studies: Records and Behavioral Observations on Seldom Reported Cadaver Fauna With Notes on Relevant Previous Occurrences and Ecology,” Natalie K. Lindgren, , Alan D. Archambeault, Brent C. Rahlwes, James R. Willett, Sibyl R. Bucheli DOI: 10.1093/jme/tju023 First published online: 22 January 2015

Entomological Society of America