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New research sheds light on defense systems of the human body

Researchers have uncovered a sieve-like structure in that regulates the transport of proteins and migration of into lymph nodes. The discovery, made by scientists working at the , Finland, will provide new insights into rapid defence responses in the . The research was carried out with funding from the and the Sigrid Juselius Foundation.

The Microscopic Image
The microscopic image shows a where the PLVAP protein (in green) appears both in the blood vessels in the medulla and in the lymph vessels immediately beneath the capsule. All nuclei of the cells are shown in blue and a certain leukocyte subpopulation in purple.
Credit:The University of Turku


The research was led by Professor Marko Salmi and conducted at the MediCity Research Laboratory of the University of Turku. The endothelial protein PLVAP in lymphatics controls the entry of lymphocytes and antigens into lymph nodes was published in Nature Immunology, a leading scientific journal in the field of immunology, DOI 10.1038/ni.3101

Academy of Finland