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New state-of-the-art educational platform for uro-onco professionals now online

The European Association of Urology (EAU) and Elsevier are pleased to announce the launch of URO ONCO, a joint online platform for uro-oncological professionals. The website, published under EAU’s scientific journal European Urology, will focus on the most current developments in urological malignancies, the latest treatments and promising clinical trials. Visit the website online at www.uroonco.com.

“Urologists, oncologists and other medical professionals will benefit from this website, where information from various sources will be selected by experts. Moreover, it can be used as a tool for medical education across disciplines,” said Henk van der Poel, Editor-in-Chief of the URO ONCO platform. He leads the team of independent urologists and oncologists that will ensure the most important topics are readily available online. They will bring to the website carefully selected information on the latest meeting reports, presentations and clinical trial findings, complemented by background items, interviews and opinion pieces. The selected articles reflect the latest developments in uro-oncological practice.

Given that urological cancers are amongst the most common, and uro-oncology is an area of rapid innovation, the platform informs medical practitioners of cutting-edge discoveries. The most novel material for use in everyday clinical practice is available on URO ONCO, with links to relevant literature. In this manner, the search for specialised literature on onco-urological topics will be made faster and it will be easier for medical professionals to have a clear overview. The platform also seeks to serve as a tool for further education of medical practitioners regarding the latest techniques and advances.


European Association of Urology