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New Study Highlights Strong Anti-Cancer Properties Of Soybeans

First study to report that proteins found in soybeans, could inhibit growth of colon, liver and lung cancers, published in Food Research International

meal is a bi-product following oil extraction from seeds. It is rich in protein, which usually makes up around 40% of the nutritional components of the seeds and dependent on the line, and can also contain high (a monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid).

The study looked at the role soybeans could have in the prevention of cancer. Using a variety of soybean lines which were high in oleic acid and protein, the researchers looked to monitor bioactivity between the peptides derived from the meals of soybean and various types of human .

The study showed that peptides derived from significantly inhibited cell growth by 73% for , 70% for liver cancer and 68% for cells using human cell lines. This shows that the selected high oleic acid soybean lines could have a potential nutraceutical affect in helping to reduce the growth of several types of cancer cells.


“Peptides derived from high oleic acid soybean meals inhibit colon, liver and lung cancer cell growth”,
Srinivas J. Rayaprolu, Navam S. Hettiarachchy, Pengyin Chen, Arvind Kannan and Andronikos Mauromostakos.
Food Research International DOI: 10.1016/j.foodres.2012.10.021