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NHS Work With Create HealthCare To Produce Free Podcast For Pharma

The is upon us. This means that GPs and other clinicians will be given much more responsibility for spending the budget in the UK, while greater competition with the private sector will be encouraged.

This is notably one of the biggest changes in history of the NHS. This also poses a huge change for the whose already under huge pressure facing shrinking pipelines (and margins) and now their biggest customer is changing.

As of April 1st NHS decision-making will be transferred to the 
clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). 

In order to mark this change Create and Newcastle CCG have created a free podcast to pin point what changes are occurring and what they mean for .

Julian Given, Head of Informatics, CCG was the first to pilot this new 
approach and has shared key findings covering:

  • What can you provide to payers to become a valued partner?

  • Understand the payer’s language for project synergy and success.
  • Understand payer issues and needs to help develop a win-win outcome for both partners.
  • Discover how to build an attractive proposition by understanding their latest developments

“This is important, as a how-to guide for to effectively approach and build a working relationship with commissioning units” stated Simon Grace, Head of Programme Delivery, Quality and Innovation Directorate, NHS North West Surrey CCG, Weybridge Hospital.

Click here to access podcast: http://www.createhc.com/free-nhs-podcast/


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