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NuVascular Technologies and Worcester Polytechnic Institute commercializing stem cell treatment to repair heart damage

, has recently obtained exclusive licensing rights to commercialize a breakthrough medical device that will provide a minimally invasive treatment for , the No. 1 cause of death in the United States accounting for one in every four deaths.

The stem cell device allows the heart to repair itself and could improve heart function in as little as two to four weeks. NuVascular Technologies is teaming up with researchers at both the (WPI), and BioSurfaces, Inc. who contributed to the development of this technology. This collaboration resulted in the issuing of U.S. patent 8,691,543.

The BioGenerator is a medical device consisting of two essential parts: a capsule made from BioSurfaces’ patented electrospinning technology, and stem cells derived from adult bone marrow at WPI. The BioGenerator can be stitched into the heart muscle wall or injected into the heart muscle itself through a catheter (Figure attached). Both options are minimally invasive, do not require open-heart surgery and allow the heart to repair itself. The encased stem cells release proteins and growth factors that move through the device into the heart muscle, stimulating the cardiac myocytes to grow and repair damage.

BioGenerator stem cell treatment to repair heart damage
BioGenerator to repair heart damage


Source: NuVascular Technologies