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Online monitoring system for patients with sleep apnoea

The company Health at the Business, , Espaitec, of the Universitat Jaume I of Castellón, has developed an assistance system based on telemedicine using information and communication technologies, which allows an online daily monitoring of people with -hypopnoea syndrome. The method proposed by the company is particularly focused on patient adherence to treatment as only 30% of patients successfully achieve to adapt to it.

The telemedicine system suggested by the spin-off includes a protocol for monitoring patients with scheduled visits and the online daily monitoring of the CPAP devices, which inform the members of the -disordered Breathing Unit of Medco on the use of the device by the patient, as well as on leaks, airflow and other parameters taken into account for illness control, which ensures a proper adaptation to treatment. Moreover, they emphasize, “patients will be aware of their treatment control parameters monthly, helping them to make reference in their improvement process with treatment, beyond pure comfort and relaxation that the use of CPAP provides to the quality of life of the person.”

[Online monitoring system for patients with sleep apnoea]
Online for patients with sleep apnoea
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Source: RUVID Association