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OPP launches MBTI report for healthcare professionals, UK

Leading workplace psychologists, OPP, have launched a dedicated personality report for those working on the frontline of healthcare. The Myers-Briggs Report for applies Myers-Briggs Type Indicator () insights to help doctors, nurses, healthcare assistants and other clinical staff foster a more mutually rewarding patient-centred service.

Written specifically for healthcare professionals, the report highlights the impact of personality preference on style of care; provides actionable insight and suggestions for flexing care style; and explains why misunderstandings and conflicts may arise when giving care. As a result, the report can help anyone involved in patient care to:

  • keep patients better informed
  • show patients that they are listening to them
  • create a supportive environment
  • help patients manage the side effects of treatment
  • support post-care transition.

The report also describes the impact of work stress as it affects care style, and provides tangible advice for building resilience.

Robert McHenry, OPP’s Chairman, commented: “The fact that the NHS is once again coming under close public scrutiny over care standards, suggests that there is a real need for interventions based on this MBTI report. The MBTI framework deserves its global reputation for helping individuals and organisations become more productive. The Myers-Briggs Report for Healthcare Professionals is unique in the marketplace; it can absolutely enable healthcare professionals to improve their own job performance and their interactions with patients.

“We have heard in the news that there is often a lack of focus within the NHS on engaging patients in their own clinical care, despite strong evidence that this can make a real difference to treatment outcomes. By raising awareness of personality differences, use of this report will help front-line staff improve the quality of care experienced by patients, reduce the impact of work stress, and increase patient satisfaction.”


The Myers-Briggs Report for Healthcare Professionals can be generated from MBTI Step I or Step II questionnaires and can be administered by qualified MBTI practitioners.

For more information visit http://www.opp.com/hcr