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Oral Mucositis Treatment, Gelclair®, Launched In US

The Swiss pharmaceutical , a leading player in the cancer supportive care arena, have announced that , , a U.S. specialty pharmaceutical company focused on oncology and oncology supportive care products, has launched (R)into the U.S. market. (R) is manufactured by the Helsinn Group and is an FDA-cleared product indicated for the treatment of .

Oral mucositis is a painful inflammation and ulceration of the surface of the mouth and throat, which can result from a variety of cancer treatments. Gelclair(R) provides oral mucositis patients rapid and effective relief of pain. Oral mucositis is common in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy and occurs when the protective oral mucosa is denuded, potentially resulting in pain, infection, weight loss, decreased quality of life, treatment delay and increased economic costs.

Helsinn Group Chief Executive Officer, Riccardo Braglia, said, “We are pleased that DARA is launching Gelclair(R) in the United States, and importantly, that U.S. patients will again be able to benefit from this treatment. We believe this is an important milestone in building the long-term relationship between our companies. It will also add the most important market worldwide to the other 30 where Gelclair(R) is already marketed in Europe, Latin America and Asia.”

David J. Drutz, MD, DARA’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer, stated, “We are thrilled to be launching Gelclair(R), our third product into the U.S. market, having recently introduced Soltamox(R) (tamoxifen citrate) oral solution, the first and only liquid version of tamoxifen citrate. We believe this underpins our mission of becoming a leader in the oncology and oncology supportive care market and exemplifies our commitment to executing against our corporate plan.”


Sources: Helsinn Group & DARA BioSciences, Inc.