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Oral supplements help to heal bed sores in malnourished patients

An oral supplement containing arginine, zinc, and antioxidants improves healing of mild to severe in , according to an article published in .

Pressure ulcers, or , can cause serious illness or death and healing them presents a challenge. Researchers conducted a randomized trial of 200 adult malnourished patients with mild to severe pressure ulcers to evaluate whether an oral nutritional supplement could improve healing. Patients were randomly assigned to receive either an energy-dense, protein-rich oral formula enriched with arginine, zinc, and antioxidants (n = 101) or an equal volume of control formula for 8 weeks. All of the patients in both groups received wound care based on an evidence-based guideline. At the end of the trial period, patients in the enriched formula group experienced improved wound healing. The authors conclude that nutritional intervention should be considered an integral part of care.

Article: A Nutritional Formula Enriched With Arginine, Zinc, and Antioxidants for the Healing of Pressure Ulcers: A Randomized Trial, E. Cereda, C. Klersy, M. Serioli, A. Crespi, and F. D’Andrea for the Oligo Element Sore Trial Study Group, Annals of Internal Medicine, doi: 10.7326/M14-0696, published 2 February 2015.


Source: American College of Physicians