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Pain management: VQ OrthoCare introduces Avid IF 2 to product lineup

, the leading provider of non-invasive, non-drug medical solutions focused on bone, joint and soft-tissue conditions, has introduced the Avid IF 2TM to its lineup of electrotherapy products. The new portable interferential device is a safe and effective system designed to relieve acute pain, manage , relax , maintain range of motion and increase circulation.

The Avid IF 2 electrical stimulator generates small pulses of current that are delivered through lead wires to stimulating electrodes placed on the patient’s skin, these pulses pass through the skin and activate underlying nerves. The Avid IF 2 activates sensory nerves at lower levels of stimulation, producing a tingling sensation, which blocks out pain messages. Motor nerves are activated a higher levels of stimulation, resulting in increased circulation, reduced muscle spasms and promotes recovery.

Interferential therapy is a recommended treatment option by Official Disability Guidelines (ODG), making the Avid IF 2 an protocol. The device allows for web-based compliance reporting through the recording and uploading of detailed usage data to a secure website via a cradle with modem. This data assesses the patient’s progress and assists the treating physician in determining further treatment.

The Avid IF 2 system comes complete with non-sterile, reusable electrodes; lead wire, Power Packs (batteries); patient manual; adhesive remover towelettes; AC adapter; telephone cord with splitter and cradle with modem.

The Avid IF 2 is available by prescription only. For more information on the AVID IF 2 or VQ OrthoCare, please visit www.vqorthocare.com.


Source: VQ OrthoCare