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Patients with severe emphysema benefit from lung treatment

The first long-term on the use of (LVR-) Coil treatment in patients with severe has found that the minimally-invasive therapy, which enables the lung to function more effectively, is safe over a 3-year period.

The results are published in Respirology.

The trial revealed that half of the patients continued to improve their capacity, feelings of breathlessness, and overall quality of life after 3 years, with no unexpected safety issues.

“This trial reports only the first ever treated patients in the world with this device,” said lead author Dr. Jorine Hartman. Future studies in larger numbers of patients are needed to identify those who will benefit from this treatment.

Hartman, J. E., Slebos, D.-J., Boezen, H. M., de Greef, M. H.G., Kerstjens, H. A.M. and ten Hacken, N. H.T. (2014), Selecting the increment size for a maximal incremental cycle test in patients with COPD. Respirology. doi: 10.1111/resp.12451