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Patterns Of Psychological Distress And Recovery Following Stroke

Drawing from interviews with 23 recent victims, researchers explore common disease , or longitudinal patterns of and recovery, in the 12 months following .

They identify four distinct trajectories:

  • resilience
  • ongoing
  • emergent mood disturbance
  • recovery from mood disturbance

Recovery from mood disturbance, they note, was facilitated by gains in independence and self-esteem and by having an internal health locus of control.

The authors conclude that identifying distinct trajectories of psychological morbidity may help primary care physicians develop appropriately timed interventions to promote better mental health among stroke patients.

“Trajectories of Psychological Distress After Stroke’
By , MMS, et al
Hunter Stroke Service, Australia


September/October 2012 Annals of Family Medicine

American Academy of Family Physicians