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P&G Increases ROI With KAM – Value Based Key Account Management Conference, 11 June 2013, London

April 1st saw a major change for Big decision-making in the UK transferred to the clinical commissioning groups (CCGs).

With Pharma moving towards an account based model of selling CreateHealthcare produced a success case study, which demonstrates clear ROI from P&G and Wal-Mart and key lessons for pharma.

Wal- Mart accounts for 30% of P&G’s US sales. P&G’s brand accounts for a sizable amount of Wal-Mart sales – each side very much needs the other. 

Key points include:

  • Hear how and P&G created partnership initiatives that created cost reduction for both sides.
  • How the ‘inverting the pyramid’ model can be used to increase
communication between experts.
  • Shift your KAM focus from selling in to selling out and understand how this increased sales for both parties.

Click here to read this case study: http://www.createhc.com/payer/

Value Based Key Account Management 2013
The only pharma meeting created by pharma’s customer
June 11th, London

Event Objectives:

  • KAM Innovation – Secure internal buy-in and add value to your products through bespoke services to customers.
  • Increase access to customers by reacting to their needs and sending your best KAMs with the right tools.
  • Improve ROI with industry leading CRM; Track and support your KAMs with transparent cross team communication and a consistent message. To see the detailed agenda click here
  • Exclusive insights on the NHS Health and Social Care Bill: Prepare your KAMs for these pivotal dates and new payers needs.

For further information please visit: http://www.createhc.com/


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