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Pharma & Biotech Finance Leaders Forum, 19th – 20th May, 2014, Brussels

This is the only event for CFOs and senior at the global and local level, at both large pharma or small biotechs, who are looking to benchmark with other market leaders who have also been facing the same external challenges and have attempted to rework their internal operations, culture and financial decision making.

3 Events in One:

  • Pharma & Biotech: Next Generation Finance Management

  • Achieving Pharmaceutical Financial Excellence
  • Biotech Finance & Investment Management

Day 1 is aimed at all attendees from both the pharma and biotech perspectives, who will hear keynote presentations on fresh approaches to the business environment, customer-centric strategies and financial model. Day 2 will be split into two streams. Stream 1 – for – will focus on issues like translating global strategy to the local affiliate level to ensure success with customers in different geographies. There will also be a focus on financial and risk management of R&D and how to achieve an ROI in the new post-blockbuster R&D era. Stream 2 – for representatives from the small biotech sector – will focus on how biotech companies can build a pipeline of commercially promising drug candidates through all phases of R&D in order to build an attractive value-story for investors, venture capitalists and the pharmaceutical in-licensing teams.

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