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Pharma Marketing Show, Co Located Alongside DigiPharm Europe, 25-27 September 2012, London, UK

What is the future of ? This question is one of the hot topics that seems to be constantly queried within the pharma industry at present with a lot of marketing teams questioning how they are going to use technology effectively in the future to enhance their strategies.

We recently asked , Chief Marketing Officer & Member of the Executive Committee, , what he thinks the future holds for pharma marketing?

“In these challenging times, the pharmaceutical industry could do a lot worse than to take a few lessons from the consumer goods sector. It is a common complaint that the pharmaceutical industry, conditioned by years of heavy regulation, has been slow to pick up on ideas already firmly embedded in other markets. Over the last five years, we have built boutique teams for four different franchise areas and market access. Our team members have a diverse range of experience and come from unique backgrounds – we all understand and work towards a philosophy of “pharma sans frontiers”, literally translated as ‘pharma without borders’. “Pharma sans frontiers” holds a high regard for innovation and independent thinking, and recognizes that challenging conventions often delivers significant rewards. The fruits of this approach have been borne out through the innovative treatments that Mundipharma and its network of independent associated companies have brought and are due to bring to market, our marketing strategies and our go-to-launch marketing capabilities.”

Greg is one of our keynote speakers at this year’s , he will give a presentation on ‘High end vs high street: how to truly benefit patients through innovation, payer value demonstration and a change to pharma’s mindset’.

The Pharma Marketing Show will provide you with the foundation to achieve excellence in your multichannel marketing campaign improve internal operations and better understand and engage your customer. It unites global marketing and brand professionals seeking to invigorate their existing marketing practices and open their mindset to new innovative strategies. Come and learn:

  • How to plan and coordinate a successful multichannel marketing strategy to meet your customer information needs
  • How to achieve integration of offline and online channels
  • How to actively engage with your customer
  • How to develop a strong differentiation strategy that drives prescription decisions
  • How to build a brand strategy for the full lifecycle of a product
  • How is the changing healthcare and payer environment affecting marketing and sales
  • What is the current global regulatory and compliance environment for medicine marketing
  • How to measure the success of marketing campaign
  • How global industry changes are impacting the way pharma markets sell drugs

The inaugural Pharma Marketing Show is this year co-located with DigiPharm, the 4th annual DigiPharm Europe 2012 will discuss where digital fits into your multi channel strategy and provide case studies giving examples of implementation. DigiPharm Europe is the meeting place of choice for marketing professionals working to implement and advance their digital marketing strategy.

The event comprises of a 2 day conference, 2 workshops, an exhibition, interactive panel Q&A sessions, and unique networking opportunities via our specialised ‘contact’ system.

25 – 27 September 2012, Grange Tower Bridge, , UK

For further information please visit http://www.healthnetworkcommunications.com/conference/pharma-marketing-show/


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