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Pharmaceutical Pricing, Reimbursement And Market Access Conference For South East Europe And Turkey, 5-7 June 2013, Croatia

Given its complex geo-political situation, position in the global economy and number of voices to be heard, in south-east Europe and Turkey brings challenges and hurdles on one hand and great potential on the other.

How successful are you in managing increasingly complex Market Access environment?

Benchmark the recent policy developments & changes in healthcare systems across major European markets to ensure better access of patients to new drugs. We have gathered worldwide specialists who will share their knowledge with you. You will have the chance to meet true market leaders, top speakers and real experts from .

Key topics:

  • Reveal how to develop an effective strategy to succeed in country-specific negotiations for price approval and granting of reimbursement
  • Gain critical insights into European trends in public health insurance
  • Learn about the best practices in development of pharmco-economic studies
  • Understand how to deal with the increasing complexity and uncertainty in current pricing & reimbursement environment
  • Reveal cost-effectiveness measures & the impact on the industry – is the innovation rewarded correctly?
  • Make market access an integral part of the company & incorporate market access into the entire drug’s life cycle
  • Discover the role of patient organizations and social networks on increase of patient influence
  • Discover the latest SEE trends in pricing and reimbursement
  • Discuss about future challenges in market access
  • Take a look at payers perspective
  • P&R Country Reports: Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and

Who should attend?

Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, Senior Executives, Global Heads, Heads, Directors, Senior Managers, Managers of: Pricing & Reimbursement, Market Access, Commercial Pricing, Pricing Strategists, Health Economics, , Regulatory Affairs, , Public Affairs, Public Policy Directors, Operations, Governmental bodies and Regulatory bodies.

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The professional network of  regulatory affairs  consultants. The company profiled itself to be the top service provider in  regulatory affairs, in central-east and south-east Europe. We are employing a few people in Croatia and the network of associates in Czech R, Slovak R., Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.