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Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Budget submission presents effective solutions

The believes better utilisation of pharmacists’ skills will result in improved and cost-effectiveness of primary care in GP practices and .

These are just two of the areas highlighted in PSA’s 2015 titled Integrating pharmacists into primary care teams – Better health outcomes through cost-effective models of care,

National President of PSA, Grant Kardachi, said it was imperative that the skills and knowledge of pharmacists be better utilised and integrated into the health system.

“Our Budget submission aligns with the key elements of Australia’s policy on Quality Use of Medicines and in particular focuses on the safe and effective use of medicines to achieve the best possible results and monitoring outcomes,” Mr Kardachi said.

“Our proposals underpin the Government objectives of achieving a fiscally sustainable, efficient and quality healthcare system though a collaborative and cooperative framework.

“Pharmacists are highly trained in medicines yet their skills, knowledge and expertise are often under-recognised and under-’utilised.”

Mr Kardachi said to achieve the aim of improving health outcomes and the cost-effectiveness of primary care, PSA recommended that the Government introduce a Pharmacist Incentive Payment (PhIP) to integrate pharmacists in general practices to deliver clinical support within a collaborative framework.

“Further, to improve health outcomes for indigenous Australians PSA recommends that Government supports Aboriginal Health Services to integrate pharmacists within their teams to deliver essential medication adherence and education services in a culturally appropriate environment,” Mr Kardachi said.

“Our submission provides practical and effective solutions to some of the major issues facing the health system in Australia today.

“Our solutions reflect the need to include pharmacists in team-based models of primary care which are growing in response to expanding health system demands created by increasingly complex patients.”

PSA Budget submission is available at http://www.psa.org.au/submissions/submission-to-2015-15-federal-budget


Source: Pharmaceutical Society of Australia