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Potential new antibiotic discovered in mushroom that grows on horse dung

Researchers from at have discovered a new protein with in a that grows on . Researchers are now exploring the various potential applications.

[grey shag that grows on horse dung]
The scientists isolated the new active compound from the grey shag that grows on horse dung.
Credit: Photo: / mushroomobserver.org / CC BY-NC-SA 3


Essig A, Hofmann D, Münch D, Gayathri S, Künzler M, Kallio PT, Sahl HG, Wider G, Schneider T, Aebi M: Copsin, a novel peptide-based fungal antibiotic interfering with the peptidoglycan synthesis. Journal of Biological Chemistry, online publication 23 October 2014, doi: 10.1074/jbc.M114.599878

ETH Zurich