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Program prepares Latino community for addressing childhood obesity

SaludABLEOmaha, a program emphasizing youth activism and public/private collaboration, has made the Latino of , , ready to accept an initiative to reduce , University of researchers suggest.

The program employed three interconnected strategies: use of social marketing and social media, school curricula integrating hands-on with instruction, and community and business engagement. Ater 2.5 years, interviews with community members showed that the program had moved the community had moved from stage 3 of the nine-stage Community Readiness model – “vague awareness” – to stage 5, “preparation.”

“Our findings indicate an increase in the South Omaha ’s readiness to address obesity-related health issues,” the researchers conclude.

Research: SaludABLEOmaha: Improving Readiness to Address Obesity Through Healthy Lifestyle in a Midwestern Latino Community, 2011-2013, Terry T-K Huang, PhD, MPH, Preventing Chronic Disease, published 12 February 2015.


Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)