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Promising new compound protects neurons and vision in mice with glaucoma

Early tests of a novel compound in mice with glaucoma should come as welcome news to millions of people around the world now suffering with this leading cause of vision loss. Researchers reporting in the journal Heliyon have shown that a compound they’ve developed might help to prevent the nerve damage that leads people with glaucoma to lose their sight.

Treated Retina
Representative retinal flatmount images of the 12 month-old GLAST (+/-) mice, a glaucoma model, administered KUS 121. Each dot represents a spared retinal ganglion cell. Rays converging at the center (the optic nerve head) represent spared nerve fibers. The retina treated with KUS121 has more retinal ganglion cells and nerve fibers, as compared with that of the non-treated control mouse.
Credit: Noriko Nakano and Hanako Ikeda