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Rapid growth of potentially deadly bacteria caused by iron overload disease

Every summer, the news reports on a bacterium called found in warm saltwater that causes people to get sick, or die, after they eat raw tainted shellfish or when an open wound comes in contact with seawater.

Vibrio Vulnificus
This image shows a microscopic look at swimming around.
Credit:/University of Florida


The research was conducted at the Center for Iron Disorders.

Other study authors were , Victoria Gabayan, , Piotr Ruchala, Ganz and Nemeth, all of UCLA, and Paul Gulig of the University of Florida.

The study was funded by the UCLA Today’s and Tomorrow’s Children Fund, the UCLA Stein/Oppenheimer Endowment Award, the UCLA Children’s Discovery and Innovation Institute and the National Institutes of Health (grant R01 DK090554).

University of California – Los Angeles Health Sciences