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Researchers reveal how hearing evolved

and can hear, despite not having an outer ear or tympanic . These early were probably also able to hear 300 million years ago, as shown in a new study by .

The lungfish ear is a good model for the ears of the first terrestrial vertebrates. A new study shows that they are capable of detecting airborne sound despite not having a tympanic middle ear.

Credit:Photo: Christian Bech Christensen


Proceedings of the B: Better than fish on land? Hearing across metamorphosis in salamanders DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2014.1943 Published 4 February 2015

The Journal of Experimental Biology: Lungfish hear air-borne sound. Doi: 10.1242/?jeb.119487 February 1, 2015 J Exp Biol 218, 329-330.

Aarhus University