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Response to NHS England’s Cancer Drugs Fund announcement

ABPI extremely disappointed with NHSE CDF delisting decision

Commenting on NHSE’s delisting decision ABPI Chief Executive Stephen Whitehead said:

“NHS England’s decision to delist 16 cancer medicines with 25 separate clinical uses is extremely disappointing and a significant blow to the health and wellbeing of future NHS patients. These medicines have been proven to be effective through clinical trials and have already provided benefit to thousands of NHS patients through their prior availability on the Cancer Drugs Fund.

“Whilst we are pleased that treatment for existing patients will be protected as a result of this decision and that some new medicines will be included in the CDF it does not detract from our longstanding belief that the CDF and this re-evaluation process was fundamentally flawed. The CDF remains a sticking plaster. The solution to this issue remains the urgent reform of NICE which will ensure that the right patients get the right medicines at the right time whatever their condition.”

Responding to the decision to remove three breast cancer drugs from the Cancer Drugs Fund, a decision that will come into effect from 12 March 2015, Samia al Qadhi, Chief Executive at Breast Cancer Care, says:

“Thousands of breast cancer patients have today been denied the chance of improved quality of life and extra time with their loved-ones. This news is devastating for them.

“However, we want breast cancer patients currently receiving these drugs to know they will still have access.

“The Cancer Drugs Fund is falling apart when there is still no long-term solution in place. While it is good that another three breast cancer drugs remain on the list and budget for the Cancer Drugs Fund will grow, the priority now must be to urgently find a sustainable system that works. Without this, cancer patients will continue to be denied access to vital treatment – they deserve better than this.

“Anyone concerned can contact Breast Cancer Care on 0808 800 6000.”

Erbitux to stay on CDF list in first and third line setting for treatment of metastatic colorectal cancer

NHS England has announced that Erbitux® (cetuximab) will remain on the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) within the first line setting in combination with FOLFOX or FOLFIRI as well as a third line monotherapy for the treatment of RAS wild type metastatic colorectal cancer (mCRC) in England. The decision was based on a scoring system to rate respective cancer treatments based on efficacy, safety and cost parameters deemed acceptable by the CDF committee.