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Result of studies evaluating novel diagnostic tools and therapies for infectious diseases presented at ECCMID

New data from ten late-breaking abstracts is released at ECCMID 2016 – the annual meeting of the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease (ESCMID). At the congress, a dedicated session will examine recently released research across the full spectrum of infectious diseases both from a clinical and laboratory perspective.

Researchers presented recent data on a number of diagnostic tools to rapidly identify pathogens and therapies promising to treat challenging infections. The abstracts presented dealt with topics including meningitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, Zika and human papilloma virus.

Abstracts described the long-term clinical implications of Zika virus exposure, demonstrating that it can produce a number of neurological and ocular complications. Additionally, scientists found that the drug bedaquiline used to treat multidrug-resistant tuberculosis was a safe and effective long-term treatment option in selected cases. Finally, urgent changes were recommended to the technology and temperature management during open-heart surgery to prevent the growth of M. chimaera bacteria.

Abstract No.: 7564 Neurological and psychiatric sequelae of Ebola virus disease in Sierra Leone

Researchers studied Ebola survivors from Sierra Leone and reviewed on-going neurological and psychiatric effects one year after recovery. The researches found that intermittent headaches were the most common side-effect, and that psychiatric symptoms including insomnia, depression and anxiety were also prevalent.

Abstract No.: 7596 Ocular manifestations of post Ebola syndrome in Sierra Leone

The researchers examined whether there are more types of ocular side-effects than previously though in Ebola survivors from Sierra Leone. They observed a more diverse range of complications than previously thought and recommend applying broad treatment options including cataract surgery.