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Risk factors identified that link low birthweight to diabetes

Studies consistently show that people born weighing 6 pounds or less face an increased risk for as adults. A new study not only confirms that risk in a sample of more than 3,000 women but also shows the relative predictive value of different biomarkers, giving doctors potential new tools for understanding individual risk among women.

Relative Risks (image)
Low birth weight points to a higher risk of adult-onset type 2 . A number of related factors could alert physicians to a greater likelihood that a patient who had low birth weight is at greater risk.
Credit:Liu lab/Brown University


In addition to Liu and Song, the paper’s other authors are Yen-Tsung Huang, , , Kelli Ryckman, Lihong Qi, Erin LeBlanc, Rasa Kazlauskaite, and Kathleen Brennan.

The National Institutes of Health (grants: R01DK066401, R21DK084482) and the Burroughs Wellcome Fund supported the study.

Brown University