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Risk of first-time cardiovascular disease may be increased by vital exhaustion

Fatigue, increased irritability and feeling demoralized — a combination known as vital — may raise the risk of first-time in otherwise healthy men and women, according to research presented at the ’s Scientific Sessions 2014.

Researchers examined the relationship between vital exhaustion and first-time in 11 prospective studies that involved more than 60,000 people without . The studies had an average six and half years of follow-up.

After adjusting for other factors, researchers observed a 36 percent increased risk of developing first-time cardiovascular disease from vital exhaustion.

“Vital exhaustion is a significant risk factor for incident cardiovascular disease in healthy subjects, comparable to some of the other psychological risk factors for cardiac disease,” researchers said.


Abstract 17412 (Hall A2, Core 2)

Randy Cohen, M.D., cardiologist, Mt. Sinai St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, New York

American Heart Association