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Russian research team explores vision complications for astronauts

An between and a team from the Russian Academy of Sciences has found that space travel may severely impair the body’s ability to regulate blood rushing to the brain, which could contribute to the temporary or permanent vision problems experienced by astronauts.

US-Russian Researchers Study Vision Complications for Astronauts
The international team of researchers worked out of a Moscow laboratory.
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Funding for the research was provided by NASA, the National Institutes of Health, the , the Russian Academy of Sciences and M.V. Program of Development.

Florida State Professor of Biomedical contributed to the paper, as did Kansas State University Associate Professor Brad Behnke, who previously studied with Michael Delp at the University of Florida. Other co-authors are Delp’s former students John N. Stabley, Danielle J. McCullough, Joshua J. Maraj and Mina Hanna. In addition to Tarasova and Vinogradova, the Russian team consisted of Svetlana Sofronova, Dina Gaynullina and Anna Borzykh.

Florida State University