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Scaffold-free iPS cell-based hyaline cartilage for joint repair

Cranky knees and other are normal in the elderly and sometimes even in the young. While these pains are rarely life threatening, those who have them know the burden and effect on quality of life. In many cases, the cause is a loss of , which does not have the capacity to regenerate, meaning once gone it is gone forever. is constituted of and its secretions, extracellular matrix () proteins, which includes collagens II and XI. They do not include collagen I, which is the primary collagen in fibrocartilage, or scar tissue. The key to a successful recovery then is to introduce into the deteriorated cartilage chondrocytes that secrete only hyaline cartilage proteins.

Chondrocytes Particles
These are particles consisting of chondrocytes and their secretions, ECM proteins.
Credit: , Kyoto University/Stem Cell Reports


Title: “Generation of scaffoldless hyaline cartilaginous tissue from human iPS cells.” Stem Cell Reports

Authors: Akihiro Yamashita, Miho Morioka, Yasuhito Yahara, Minoru Okada, Tomohito Kobayashi, Shinichi Kuriyama, Shuichi Matsuda and Noriyuki Tsumaki

Center for iPS Cell Research and Application – Kyoto University