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Scientists Develop, Optimize Stem Cell Derivation Technique For Clinical Application

A team of () Research Institute scientists led by , PhD, , have developed a new way to generate induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell lines from , from both healthy and diseased donors.

Reported in PLOS ONE, this cell-sorting method consistently selects the highest quality, standardized iPS cells, representing a major step forward for drug discovery and the development of cell therapies. This process provides the basis for a new technology developed by NYSCF, The NYSCF Global Stem Cell Array (Array), a fully automated, robotic platform to generate cell lines in parallel.

Currently underway at the , the Array reprograms thousands of healthy donors’ and diseased patients’ skin and/or blood samples into iPS cell lines. Sorting and characterizing cells at an early stage of reprogramming allows efficient development of iPS cell clones and derivation of adult cell types.

Read a press release on this advance.*


* http://www.nyscf.org/images/pdf/NYSCF-PR-2013-03-Cell-Sorting.pdf
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