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Scientists find gene vital to central nervous system

Scientists have identified a gene that helps regulate how well nerves of the are insulated, researchers at School of Medicine in St. Louis report.

Scientists Find Gene Vital to Central Nervous System Development
Using the zebrafish facility at in St. Louis, graduate student (left) and senior author , PhD, identified a gene that regulates how well the wiring of the central nervous system is insulated. Healthy insulation is vital for the speedy propagation of nerve cell signals. The finding, in zebrafish and mice, may have implications for human diseases like multiple sclerosis, in which this insulation is lost. The study appears in .

Credit:Robert Boston


The work led by Washington University was supported by predoctoral fellowships from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), NS087801 and NS079047; and by grants from the NIH, R01 NS079445; and from the Edward J. Mallinckrodt Foundation.

Ackerman SD, Garcia C, Piao X, Gutmann DH, Monk KR. The adhesion-GPCR Gpr56 regulates oligodendrocyte development via interactions with G-alpha12/13 and RhoA. Nature Communications. January 21, 2015.

The work led by Harvard University was supported by grants from the NIH, P30 HD18655, R01 NS057536, F31 NS087801, and R01 NS079445; and by the William Randolph Hearst Fund, the Leonard and Isabelle Goldenson Research Fellowship and the Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation.

Giera S, Deng Y, Luo R, Ackerman SD, Mogha A, Monk KR, Ying Y, Jeong SJ, Makinodan M, Bialis A, Chang B, Stevens B, Corfas G, Piao X. The adhesion G protein-coupled receptor GPR56 is a cell autonomous regulator of oligodendrocyte development. Nature Communications. January 21, 2015.

Washington University School of Medicine