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Small loop in human prion protein prevents chronic wasting disease

Finding provides new therapeutic target for prion diseases

Brown Prion Proteins
Prion protein aggregates (brown) in the brain of a mouse expressing the human-elk protein.
Credit: School of Medicine


Co-authors of this study include , Cyrus Bett, Jun Liu, Tom Yang, UC San Diego; Lin Jiang, , UC Los Angeles and Howard Hughes Medical Institute; , CIC bioGUNE, Spain; , , Fort Collins; Joaquín Castilla, CIC bioGUNE and Basque Foundation for Science, Spain; and Qingzhong Kong, Case Western Reserve University.

This research was funded, in part, by the National Institutes of Health (grants NS055116, NS069566, U54AI0359 and AG029430), national grants from Spain and the Morris Animal Foundation.

University of California – San Diego