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SMi’s Cancer Vaccine Summit, 18-19 September 2013, London UK

Research Leader for New Cancer Drug to Speak at SMi’s Summit
 Develop New Cancer Immunity-Boosting Drug.

According to an article published online by the Telegraph, scientists at the University of Southampton have developed a new drug that works by increasing the ability of the immune system to recognise and attack tumours. A £5 million European Union funded trial of the new treatment is due to start next year.

SMi’s keynote speaker at 2013, , who has led the research at the University of Southampton, said:

“Some cancers are able to switch the immune cells off. We have been working on a drug that effectively puts the foot on the accelerator to rev up the immune system… If we use this with a vaccine we can steer the immune cells and train them to target the cancer.”

Prof. will be providing delegates at SMi’s 2nd annual Cancer Vaccines conference with a unique insight on anti-cancer immunity. The presentation titled: Developing Antibodies to Stimulate Anti-Cancer Immunity will:

  • Discuss the nature of anti-cancer immunity and the ability of the immune system to recognise most types of cancer.
  • Explore how antibodies recognising key members of the TNFR super family can stimulate T-cell responses against cancer.
  • Show that these immuno stimulating antibodies need to engage Fc receptors in the host to provide sufficient cross-linking of the various TNFR’s.
  • Discuss how antibody engineering will be used to optimise cross-linking activity in vivo.

Cancer Vaccines – 18-19 September 2013, London UK

To meet Prof. Martin Glennie and for further information visit the event homepage at:


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