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Sneak A Peek At The Agenda Of The Third Annual Health 2.0 Europe Conference In Berlin On Nov 6-7, 2012

Healthcare is changing profoundly due to new web and mobile applications. The conference Health 2.0 addresses recent developments in this emerging field. The 2012 edition features exciting live technology demos and panels dedicated to answering the most urgent questions in .

The Health 2.0 promotes a new ecosystem for health innovation, and gathers together over 300 health entrepreneurs, IT solution providers, , patient organizations, , insurers, pharmaceutical companies, telecom groups, VCs and financiers, policy makers, and many more.

A few examples from the 50+ LIVE technology demos presented at the conference

  • iDoc24 cell phone-based dermatology consultation service
  • Isabel symptom checker empowering patients to search the right information and ask the right questions
  • Drugee platform collecting adverse drug reactions from patients and health professionals
  • Thryve mobile food coach, which listens to your body and helps you figure out what you should eat more of, and what you should avoid
  • Medting web-based platform for clinical case collaboration allowing doctors to request second opinions from other doctors around the world

The Health 2.0 Europe 2012 Agenda topics include

  • Patient communities and physician networks
  • Health 2.0: transforming hospitals and physicians’ practices
  • Financing Health 2.0
  • Compliance, Chronic Care and Population Health Management
  • Health promotion and Wellness 2.0
  • Sexual health, mental health, addictions, and other “unmentionables”

Inspirational speakers: Tim KELSEY, the Executive Director of Transparency and Open Data for the UK Government, and Peter LEVIN, the Senior Advisor to the Secretary and CTO at the US Department of Veterans Affairs, will be among the 75 speakers carefully selected from over 25 different countries.

A special session on Health 2.0 for Pharma, moderated by Alexander SCHACHINGER of Healthcare 42 in Germany, will discuss how to best collaborate with doctors and about engaging patients. The session will also address questions on how to make the most of data, how to unleash clinical development, and how to avoid the numerous potential pitfalls.

To encourage their participation, Health 2.0 Europe is extending free registration for patient organization representatives.

Promoting ideation and innovation from all angles, Health 2.0 Europe 2012 also features a two-day “Code-A-Thon” on November 3-4 that brings together developers, designers, healthcare professionals and patients to create new and exciting applications for improved health and wellness. Registration to this event is free and 9,000 € in cash prizes will be distributed to the winners.

Register today for best way to get up to speed with the latest developments in Health 2.0.


Source: Health 2.0 Europe