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Star Ratings Symposium, February 24-25, 2014, Anaheim, California

How would you rank your strategy for optimizing CMS’s 5-Star Quality Rating System? Were you a top-rated plan in 2013?

If not, the Symposium is a must-attend conference for you. The information will be high-level, but very practical. You’ll learn valuable strategies from the nations top health plans for improving your rating, including how to get buy-in from your providers – as well as intervention strategies.

Plenary sessions:

  • How Achieving Medicare Star Status Can Actually Improve the Healthcare Delivery System For Patients Beyond Data Collection
  • How to Become an Agent for Change Within Your Organization
  • Leveraging IT, Mobility, and Digital Health to Create a Star-Studded Future
  • Utilizing Predictive Modeling to Improve Star Performance
  • Thinking Outside the Box: Unconventional Tips for Boosting Ratings
  • P4P, HEDIS, STARS: Creating a Well-Rounded Quality Improvement Program
  • Diabetes: The Direct & Indirect Affect on Star Ratings
  • Clinical/Financial Alignment: Utilizing Quality-Related Savings and Incentives to Pay for Accountable Care

Health Plan-focused track sessions:

  • Using Medication Claims to Identify Risk and Manage Quality
  • Deploying Physician Champions
  • Operational Improvement Interventions
  • Modifying Physician Behavior – Tip: It’s Not Always About Reimbursement
  • Dual Eligible Focus: Issues – and Solutions – to Improve Star Ratings in the Duals Population

Provider-focused track sessions:

  • Part D Measures
  • Payer Partners Outreach: Tips and Strategies
  • Leveraging Multidisciplinary Teams: The Critical Element
  • Local Stars! Panel of Local High-Performing Providers
  • Achieving High Preventative Services Scores: A Health Plan and a Physician Group Weigh In

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