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Study: Door-to-door campaign linked hepatitis C patients to care

Effort overcame the many hurdles to specialized treatment for Philadelphia’s medically underserved

Fighting Hepatitis C and HIV in the Streets
Do One Thing, a door-to-door campaing in Philadelphia has encouraged residents to get tested for HIV and hepatitis C and to get linked to care, if needed. A new study documents the results.
Credit: Courtesy Amy Nunn/


In addition to Nunn and Trooskin, the study’s other authors are , Caitlin Towey, , , Naija Luqman, Ta-Wanda Preston, Dr. , Dr. , Sophie Feller, and Hwajin Lee.

Funding for the research came from an HIV FOCUS grant of Gilead Sciences, the National Institutes of Health (grants K01AA020228, P30-AI-42853, P01AA019072, and T32DA13911-12), and the Brown University Alcohol Research Center on HIV.

Brown University