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Study estimates number of births and terminations with Down syndrome in Massachusetts

A multi-institutional research team has estimated for the first time the number of children born with Down syndrome each year in Massachusetts over the past century, along with the numbers of pregnancies of a child with Down syndrome lost to either termination or miscarriage. Their report receiving advance online publication in the journal Genetics in Medicine is a follow-up to a 2015 paper describing such estimates on a nationwide level.

Births, Natural Losses and Terminations with Down Syndrome in Massachusetts
Estimated numbers of fetuses with Down syndrome (DS) at 10 weeks gestational age (DA) in Massachusetts from 1974-2010 with estimated outcomes of live births (dark blue), elective terminations (orange) and losses to miscarriage (light blue).
Credit: (G. de Graaf, F. Buckley, and B. Skotko)