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Study Investigates Association Between Race And Use Of Revascularizaton Vs Amputation In Lower Extremity Ischemia

JAMA Surgery
Study Highlights

A study by , M.D., and colleagues at the , New Haven, examined the difference between white and nonwhite patients in the rates of use of or for treatment of critical lower extremity ischemia (restriction in blood flow), with a focus on factors such as access and hospital resources. (Online First)

The study included hospital discharge records from the of with the primary diagnosis of critical lower extremity ischemia from 2002-2008 (n=774,399).

Black patients were found to have 1.77 times the odds of receiving an amputation compared with white patients. The greatest difference in rates of amputations between black and white patients was found at the hospitals with the highest revascularization volumes, according to the study.

“Black patients have greater odds of undergoing amputation than white patients, even after correcting for an array of confounding parameters,” the authors conclude.


JAMA Surg. Published online March 20, 2013. doi: 10.1001/jamasurg.2013.1436.