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Surviving Sepsis With LECT2

Failure to launch an may be at the root of , according to a study published in The Journal of Experimental Medicine on December 17th.

Bacterial is a potentially deadly blood infection that results in massive immune activation and inflammation. therapies have traditionally focused on quelling this exaggerated inflammatory response. But a recent study challenged this approach by showing that patients with had abnormally low levels of an inflammatory protein called LECT2.

The new study by Jiong Chen and colleagues at in China shows that low LECT2 levels are indeed detrimental. Injecting LECT2 into septic mice promoted bacterial clearance by called macrophages and increased their production of survival-promoting factors. If these findings hold true in humans, boosting immunity with LECT2 may be protective by helping clear the infection.


LECT2 protects mice against bacterial sepsis by activating macrophages via the CD209a receptor” Lu, X.-J., et al. 2013. . Med. doi: 10.1084/jem.20121466

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