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Survivors take spotlight in new campaign to end West Africa’s Ebola outbreak

The #ISurvivedEbola campaign has kicked off with the release of the first in a series of videos that feature Ebola from , Sierra Leone and Guinea sharing their stories and perspectives with the world. The is the first to directly engage Ebola survivors in delivering key protective messages to affected communities, and to highlight stories of hope and resilience in the midst of the ongoing epidemic.

Watch the video: http://vimeo.com/isurvivedebola

The campaign is being supported as part of the ’s broader #TackleEbola initiative (http://www.tackleebola.com), into which Allen has promised $100 million to support organizations working to end the , while simultaneously urging other donors to do the same. Funded by Allen’s company Vulcan, Inc., #ISurvivedEbola is being implemented by PCI Media Impact in partnership with UNICEF. The campaign will be driven by survivor stories shared in multiple forms across a variety of media platforms.

#ISurvivedEbola is a multidimensional, trans-media campaign that places Ebola survivor stories from Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea at the center of national and international efforts to:

  • Inform the West African general public about the virus and how they can protect themselves and their communities from it;
  • Reduce stigmatization and promote reintegration of Ebola survivors; and
  • Shift the international narrative around the Ebola outbreak away from fear and despair, toward resilience and hope, without downplaying the remaining challenges.

Survivor testimonies will be captured by in-country filmmaking and production teams, who will then package them in video, audio, print and mobile-ready forms. The products will be shared via local, national and international television; by radio and newspaper outlets; on web and social media; and through mobile technology.

The #ISurvivedEbola campaign will create a network of survivors and supporters that starts at the community level and stretches around the globe. This network will link West African survivors to each other, to their countrymen and women, and to the world.

Sean Southey, CEO of the entertainment-education organization PCI Media Impact, stated:
“The Ebola outbreak has spread fear and spawned misinformation across and the world. Despite the outpouring of international aid, the number of Ebola cases continues to rise, and the disease is trickling beyond the borders of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Ebola affects us all, so the international community needs to step up to stop it. But to correct misinformation, we must spotlight survivors’ stories – compelling narratives of resilience and hope – and listen to local perspectives about how together, we can tackle Ebola.”