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Over 300 physician groups call for centers for Medicare and Medicaid services (CMS) to strengthen Medicare Advantage

Organized by CAPG, the largest national association of capitated, accountable physician groups, over 300 medical groups and independent practice associations signed a letter to CMS calling for the agency to strengthen the Medicare Advantage program. “Medicare Advantage serves as an essential source of coverage for seniors, including a high proportion of low-income beneficiaries and minority [...]

Switching between Medicare Advantage and traditional Medicare – how common?

Gretchen A. Jacobson and Patricia Neuman at the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and independent consultant Anthony Damico examined whether the 2006-11 growth in private Medicare Advantage plans was primarily a result of new beneficiaries choosing Medicare Advantage from the onset of their eligibility or because beneficiaries enrolled in traditional Medicare were making a switch. [...]

Racial gaps in Medicare Advantage persist across US, except in West

Black seniors elsewhere in US still less likely than whites, Hispanics & Asians to have blood pressure, diabetes & cholesterol in control Despite years of effort to help American seniors with high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes get their blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar under control, new research shows wide gaps between older [...]

Rates Of Major Cardiovascular Procedures Differ Between Medicare Advantage And Fee-For-Service Beneficiaries

In a study that included nearly 6 million Medicare Advantage and Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries from 12 states, rates of angiography and percutaneous coronary interventions were significantly lower among Medicare Advantage beneficiaries and geographic variation in procedure rates was substantial for both payment types, according to a study in the July 10 issue of JAMA. “Treatment [...]

Medicare Chronic Care: A Payer/Provider Complete Guide To Improving Care & Cutting Costs, 5-7 August 2013, Garden Grove, CA

With over 200 attendees at the launch event, the Collaborative Care Summit has established itself as one of the premier Medical Management conferences. The 2013 program will continue to provide the “next generation” medical management tactics that Health Plans, Hospitals and Physician Group’s require in the current economic climate. As the chronically ill make up [...]