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Research finds surgical marker helps cut cost of breast cancer treatment

Breast cancer research conducted by two Fayetteville medical groups highlights their success in pioneering use of an absorbable, three-dimensional marker used during treatment for breast cancer. Their cost analysis, to be presented at an international breast cancer conference this week, showed that by helping to shorten the course of radiation treatments, the surgical marker contributed [...]

Study finds high proportion of advanced breast cancers in sub-Saharan Africa

In one of the first studies of its kind, a new report finds a large majority of breast cancers in Cote d’Ivoire and Republic of Congo are detected only after they’ve become advanced. The study, by American Cancer Society researchers and the African Cancer Registry Network, appears early online in the medical journal The Breast. [...]

Research discovery leads to potential diagnostic for assessing breast cancer recurrence

Every woman successfully treated for breast cancer lives with the knowledge that it could come back. New research published today in the journal Clinical Epigenetics may lead to a simple blood test to determine the risk of such recurrence, or the cancer invading other organs such as the lungs, bone or brain. Such a test [...]

IRB Barcelona identifies the gene responsible for metastasis of breast cancer to the bone

Physicians currently have no tools to help them detect which breast cancer patients will suffer metastasis to the bone, a process that occurs in 15-20% of cases. A study led by ICREA researcher Roger Gomis at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) and published today in JNCI has uncovered a gene that allows [...]

Errant gene turns cells into mobile cancer factories

Salk scientists find key molecular mechanism that underlies deadly behavior in hard-to-treat breast cancer New Salk research shows that high levels of the critical gene Sox10 is tied to aggressive breast cancer. In parts of the adult mammary gland, Sox10 is expressed in cells with higher levels of stem cell activity and not in mature [...]