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New Moffitt Cancer Center study finds young black women have a higher frequency of BRCA mutations than previously reported

Women who have inherited mutations in the BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes are more likely to develop breast cancer or ovarian cancer, especially at a younger age. Approximately 5 percent of women with breast cancer in the United States have mutations in BRCA1 or BRCA2 based on estimates in non-Hispanic white women. Moffitt Cancer Center researchers [...]

Use of tamoxifen by young women is influenced by fertility concerns

The risk of breast cancer recurrence and mortality is decreased by endocrine therapy (ET) such as tamoxifen, but younger patients may decline it or discontinue treatment early if they are concerned about fertility, according to a study published August 24 in the JNCI: Journal of the National Cancer Institute. To explore the reasons for lower [...]

Defeating breast cancer through crowdsourcing

A California software company, YourScan.org, has put out a call to women who have had to face the difficult diagnosis of breast cancer: Donate your mammogram images to a crowdsourcing campaign and help confirm that a new visual recognition software presents a breakthrough in early detection and distinguishing benign from malignant tumors. In a pilot [...]

Tool boosts accuracy in assessing breast cancer risk

UCSF study finds benign conditions triple chance of developing malignancy A national risk model that gauges a woman’s chance of developing breast cancer has been refined to give a more accurate assessment. The revised figures, based on data from more than one million patients, reveal a 300 percent increase in a subset of women whose [...]

Moffitt Cancer Center seeks breast cancer survivors for genetic counseling study

Moffitt Cancer Center is looking for breast cancer survivors for a study evaluating the effectiveness of new educational materials about genetic counseling. An estimated 10 percent of breast cancers are thought to be hereditary. Genetic counseling gives individuals an opportunity to learn if his or her personal or family history of breast cancer may be [...]