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Ease of weight loss influenced by individual biology

NIH study finds varied responses to calorie restriction in obese adults For the first time in a lab, researchers at the National Institutes of Health found evidence supporting the commonly held belief that people with certain physiologies lose less weight than others when limiting calories. Study results published in Diabetes. Researchers at the Phoenix Epidemiology [...]

Is diet or exercise the best way to reduce diabetes risk?

SLU researchers seek best advice for patients In a paper recently published in Diabetes Care, Saint Louis University associate professor of nutrition and dietetics Edward Weiss, Ph.D, and colleagues found that, though people often think of the benefits from exercise, calorie restriction and weight loss as interchangeable, it appears that they may all offer distinct [...]

Changing diet to unmask cancer vulnerabilities and reduce cancer risk

Many recent studies showed that calorie restrictions reduce the incidence of cancer, whereas high-calorie diets cause obesity and diabetes, both of which increase the risk of developing cancers. However, tumor biology still hides complex mechanisms, as revealed by researchers from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Switzerland. In a study published [...]

If the effects of calorie restriction could be mimicked, overall gene silencing during the aging process could be restored

In yeast at least, the aging process appears to reduce an organism’s ability to silence certain genes that need to be silenced. Now researchers at Brown University who study the biology of aging have shown that the loss of genetic control occurs in fruit flies as well. Results appear online in the journal Aging. Biologists [...]

Human Babies May Be Less Prone To Obesity If Given Solid Foods Later

Consumption of foods high in carbohydrates immediately after birth programs individuals for lifelong increased weight gain and obesity, a University at Buffalo animal study has found, even if caloric intake is restricted in adulthood for a period of time. The research on laboratory animals was published this month in the American Journal of Physiology: Endocrinology [...]