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Mice With Reduced Caloric Intake Accumulate Longer Telomeres, Reduce Their Incidence Of Cancer, And Are In Better Health

One of the indicators of a cell’s health is the state of its DNA and containers – the chromosomes – so when these fuse together or suffer anomalies, they can become the source of illnesses like cancer and/or ageing processes. According to a study carried out by a team led by MarĂ­a Blasco, the director [...]

Transmission Of Nerve Signals Enhanced By Calorie Restriction

A novel technique for measuring tiny, rapid-fire secretions in the brains and mouthparts of fruit flies (drosophila) is providing insights into the beneficial effects of eating less – information that ultimately could help people suffering from neuromuscular disorders. Using the method, researchers uncovered never-before-seen brain chemistry that helps explain why fruit flies genetically manipulated to [...]

Heart Aging Decreased On Calorie-Restricted Diet

People who restrict their caloric intake in an effort to live longer have hearts that function more like those in people who are 20 years younger. Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have found that a key measure of the heart’s ability to adapt to physical activity, stress, sleep and other [...]