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New imaging technique could make brain tumor removal safer, more effective, study suggests

Brain surgery is famously difficult for good reason: When removing a tumor, for example, neurosurgeons walk a tightrope as they try to take out as much of the cancer as possible while keeping crucial brain tissue intact — and visually distinguishing the two is often impossible. Now Johns Hopkins researchers report they have developed an [...]

Adoptive immunotherapy may help treat more types of cancer if new approaches are explored

Experts review strategies to improve cancer treatments in special issue of Immunotherapy In a special issue of Immunotherapy, leading experts provide in-depth review of innovative strategies that may further the success of adoptive cell immunotherapy as a cancer treatment. Adoptive cell immunotherapy (ACT) has proven successful in clinical trials against certain types of melanoma and [...]

Sleep duration and quality may impact cancer survival rate

Findings could motivate and empower cancer patients to improve their sleep patterns A new study suggests that pre-diagnostic short sleep duration and frequent snoring were associated with significantly poorer cancer-specific survival, particularly among women with breast cancer. Results show that stratified by cancer site, short sleep duration and frequent snoring were associated with significantly poorer [...]

Pembrolizumab shows real promise against head and neck cancer

Biomarker reliably predicts which patients will not benefit The cancer (red and blue) is infiltrated with immune cells (green), which can attack and kill cancer. When cancers hide, medications such as pembrolizumab make the cells visible to the immune system. This can lead to lasting control of the cancer with few side effects. Credit: Tanguy [...]

Drug extends survival of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer

Lengthens survival and slows progress of disease in patients who no longer respond to other treatments Taken in pill form, the drug produces few side effects A drug developed 50 years ago and abandoned because it was considered to be too toxic has gained a second life in an international clinical trial. Research led by [...]