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Short, intense exercise bursts can reduce heart risk to teens

Adolescents who perform just 8 to 10 minutes of high-intensity interval exercise 3 times a week could be significantly reducing their risk of developing heart conditions, new research has concluded Adolescents who perform just eight to ten minutes of high-intensity interval exercise three times a week could be significantly reducing their risk of developing heart [...]

Does heart disease begin in childhood?

Are the first signs that someone is at risk of developing cardiovascular disease detectable in toddlers and preschoolers? There’s evidence that low vitamin D levels in adults are linked to cardiovascular disease, as well as other health issues such as obesity, hypertension and diabetes. But that link hadn’t been studied in children. Researchers in Toronto [...]

Are the data underlying the U.S. dietary guidelines flawed?

U.S. government-issued dietary recommendations continue to evolve over time. In a special article published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings, an obesity theorist and cardiovascular health researchers claim that the main source of dietary information used by the U.S. Government’s 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) is scientifically flawed because the underlying data are primarily informed by [...]

Team approach to cardiovascular practice addresses challenges

Building teams that include advanced practice providers can help cardiovascular practices meet the challenges of workforce shortages, an aging patient population with growing complexities in care, and a payment system in transition, according to a new health policy statement by the American College of Cardiology. According to the statement, advance practice providers — which include [...]

AHA new recs for designing, measuring and recognizing comprehensive workplace wellness programs

The American Heart Association (AHA) has released new recommendations to address gaps in common standards around comprehensive workplace wellness programs (CWWPs). The recommendations improve the design, measurement and recognition of CWWPs, and, if adopted by employers, could significantly impact efforts to improve the cardiovascular health of the American workforce. An advisory panel of experts in [...]