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Abnormal DNA methylation precedes cancer initiation: non-invasive tests a future possibility

Unique DNA markings on certain genes may “predict” the risk of developing head and neck cancer, according to new research led by Queen Mary University of London. The findings, published in the journal Cancer, raise the potential for the development of non-invasive tests which could pick up these tell-tale signs of early cancer initiation. Head [...]

HPV-related tonsillar cancer on the rise in Canada

American and European research shows an alarming increase in the rate of tonsillar cancer related to the human papilloma virus (HPV), a sexually transmitted virus. Experts suggest a similar trend has emerged in Canada, but it had yet to be confirmed through scientific analysis. In a new study published in Current Oncology, a group of [...]

Medical Experts Urge Vaccine For Boys To Prevent Throat Cancer Epidemic

New charity Throat Cancer Foundation launched today highlights ‘ticking timebomb’ of HPV which affects over 3,000 people per year in the UK. HPV (Human Papillomavirus) causes 5% of cancers globally and throat cancer is the fastest growing male cancer [1].A new charity launched today calls for the introduction of a vaccine for boys to prevent [...]

African-Americans With Throat Cancer And HPV Have Greater Chance Of Survival

Even though the human papillomavirus (HPV) is a risk factor for certain head and neck cancers, its presence could make all the difference in terms of survival, especially for African Americans with throat cancer, say Henry Ford Hospital researchers. According to their new study, HPV has a substantial impact on overall survival in African Americans [...]