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Divide and rule: a tumour’s strategy

Researchers supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation have discovered how aggressive cells can invade healthy tissue during the earliest stage of tumour development. This opens up new ways of attacking cancer at its root. When normal body cells escape the control from their peers, a tumour can form and eventually lead to cancer. Scientists [...]

Israeli-German partnership aims to replace animal experiments with advanced liver-on-chip devices

Safety evaluation is a critical part of drug and cosmetic development. In recent years there is a growing understanding that animal experiments fail to predict the human response, necessitating the development of alternative models to predict drug toxicity. The recent tightening of European regulations preventing the cosmetic industry from using animals in research and development, [...]

Flexible vocalisations in wild bonobos show similarities to development of human speech

From an early age, human infants are able to produce vocalisations in a wide range of emotional states and situations – an ability felt to be one of the factors required for the development of language. Researchers have found that wild bonobos (our closest living relatives) are able to vocalize in a similar manner. Their [...]

Age-related inflammatory processes facilitate development of COPD

Inflammatory processes in lung tissue play a crucial role in the development of COPD. The main cause is assumed to be a reaction of lung tissue to chronic exposure to toxic gases or particles such as from cigarette smoke. This results in excessive mucus production, cough and remodeling processes in the airways as well as [...]

Discovering a new force driving cell contraction during development and organogenesis

CRG scientists in Barcelona, Spain describe a new mechanism shaping cells and generating cell contractile forces during development and organogenesis CRG scientists describe a new mechanism shaping cells and generating cell contractile forces during development and organogenesis. The new mechanism, which has been published in the journal Developmental Cell, includes strategies shared with programmed cell [...]