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Pressure-monitoring stockings to prevent wounds in diabetics

Diabetics often have little feeling in their feet and don’t perceive the body’s pressure or temperature signals there. This can result in unnoticed wounds that then develop into abscesses. Many diabetics have to have toes or feet amputated. Now, a novel kind of pressure stocking developed by Fraunhofer researchers is set to help protect against [...]

Three in 10 adults with diabetes remain undiagnosed

Three in 10 adults with diabetes remain undiagnosed, revealing a need for care improvements. A cascade of care model, like that used to address implementation gaps in HIV care, may be similarly useful for visualizing gaps in awareness of diagnosis, engagement, and treatment of diabetes, according to an article being published in Annals of Internal [...]

Diabetic foot ulcers may be healed by new drug delivered through skin patch

Targeted therapeutic agent increases a needed protein in diabetic patients, potentially preventing foot amputations A foot ulcer is typically a painful inconvenience to most people, but to a person with diabetes it could mean an infection, or worse, an amputation. But a research team at Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, Calif., has developed a [...]

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy increases risk of falling down stairs

New research presented at this year’s annual meeting of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) in Vienna, Austria, shows that people suffering from diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) – a complication of diabetes that affects the nerves in the limbs – are likely to sway more during stair climbing, and thus are more [...]

Patient education and empowerment can improve health outcomes for diabetes patients

A holistic approach to educating and empowering patients with diabetes can significantly improve their health, according to a new study led by diabetes nurse educators from NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital’s Ambulatory Care Network. Participants in the study enrolled in a Diabetes Self-Management and Education program (DSME) to reduce their blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Nearly [...]